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Which version do I download?

If you use Windows, download the win64 build. Older 32-bit systems use the win32 build. You can use the setup.exe file for simple click-and-run, or if you prefer, the .zip file for full control.

Mac and Linux users should use the mac and linux builds.

Android is not currently supported. We are looking into options that may allow us to build for Android in the future.

iOS is not supported because Apple does not allow adult games. Sorry~

How do I install and launch the game?

Instructions can be found on the Oh So Hero! page, which also has download links for the latest public build. If you're a patron, you can get access to even newer builds with more exclusive content.

Further information can be found on the Installation and Uninstallation Guide.

How do I report a bug?

Before reporting a bug, please read the rest of this page to see if anything fixes your problem. If that doesn't help, please send detailed information about your issue to us directly. If you're a patron, you may post in the #osh-bugs channel on the Full Frontal Frog Discord server or direct message us on Patreon. You may also contact our Community Manager. Make sure to include an error log as well. Cheers! Ribbit~

When I try to run the game on Windows, I get this error: "Fatal error: Failed to initialize IL2CPP"

If you are running the 64-bit version, try using the 32-bit version instead. If that still doesn't work, contact us.

When I try to run the game on macOS, I get this error: "macOS cannot verify the developer"

How do I run the game on macOS?

  1. Double-click the .zip file to extract the app.
  2. Right-click on and click Open.
  3. A window will pop up saying “macOS cannot verify the developer”. Click Open.

Why is the developer not verified?

In order for macOS to verify the developer, the application needs to be registered with Apple's App Store. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow apps with adult content on the App Store, and thus we must result to this workaround.

Where are the Error Logs and Save Data?

🐸 Error Logs (The error logs for Oh So Hero! will be in a different location for each operating system.)

🐸 Save Data (The save data for Oh So Hero! will be in a different location for each operating system.)

Why aren't the teleporters working?

Teleporters work by telling the game “The player has been here”. This is a small issue with using old save files, as that data hasn't be registered to the teleport update. Simply revisit the areas that don't appear on the list and that should allow you to teleport to and from them afterwards.

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