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These items are what appear in Oh So Hero! Some are essential to progression and can only be found once, others can appear several times and assist the player during their play-through.

The information written here is by a fellow gamer and not part of the development team. Certain items may be subject to change as the game develops.

The Map

An item without a physical form, the map is received from Ket after talking to him early in the game. This is often invaluable as it fills in as you progress, with unexplored chunks easily showing you possible secrets or simply areas you haven't reached yet.

Chill Pill

A half red, half white pill. Can be found in boxes and occasionally on defeated enemies.

The Chill Pill reduces current lust by 10%.


A classic white box with a red cross in the middle. Can be found in boxes and occasionally on defeated enemies.

The MedKit restores 30% of health.

Ass Masters: Limited Edition

A small book (possibly a pornographic manga) with an orange cover and a bare pair of buttocks on the front page.

Teaches Joe how to use the Slam ability.

Lono'e Natural Loob

Found in Treewish Forest after breaking through the ruins with the Slam ability, it appears to be a small wooden bottle with leaves sticking off it, dripping a clear liquid.

This enables Joe to slide under tight spaces.

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