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The characters of Oh So Hero! Please note that what is written here is provided by a fellow gamer and not a member of the development team, so certain information may be missing or incorrect.

The Good Guys


Joe is the player character of Oh So Hero!. He's a dragon morph with a somewhat fox-esque tail, his costume being a pair of tight black trunks with a red bikini line, black fingerless gloves and a simple red eyemask. Not a lot is known about him yet beyond the fact he likes being a hero, has some talent in combat, and isn't a stranger to engaging in more… Intimate situations with others. He seems to have a happy-go-lucky attitude, but his serious side shows when he dons his costume.

Joe can also use his sexual charms to win over enemies, making them uncontrollably aroused, and later learns how to slide through tight spaces and slam powerfully onto targets below. He can also unless a strong spin kick when crowded.


Ket is a turtle, a life-guard, and a personal friend of Joe. He acts as the basic tutorial at the start of the game, but can later be met and talked to due to the beach being over-run. He's often seen either sitting around, casually swinging his feet, in his chair or munching on an ice pop. He's only ever seen in blue swimming trunks, but is a polite and happy guy overall.

He seems to enjoy exposing himself, never once seen in his shell, and has a bit of a foot fetish.


Cas is a beaver and another friend of Joe's. His outfit is a open orange puffy vest and a pair of denim hotpants, with extra thick round glasses over his eyes. He lives on the other side of the beach in a log cabin, which is full of dakimura. He's most likely an otaku, given he's quick to fluster, has a range of posters and pillows, and has a cliche geek look to him.

He's helps Joe by lending him his “Ass Master” book, enabling him to slam downwards with his rump.


Ren is a small canine (the species of which is hard to tell) and seems to be friends with Cas. He's a bit of a pervert, immediately suggesting he and Joe have some fun. Despite dressing as an anime schoolgirl, Ren is likely just a guy who likes to blow off steam this way, given he mentions working at an office.

The K in his name is never actually explained…


Jack is a ringtailed lemur and appears by Load City's entrance to inform Joe (and anyone else) about the blocked passage. His outfit is just a simple pair of coveralls. He stresses that he wishes he could take a break as he's working to fix the problem.

Beyond this and a sex scene, Jack doesn't have much to do in the game yet.


Brask is a black scaled lizard and rules over a small section of the Jungle. He wears a leafy cloak and a thin black loincloth. He also carries a wooden staff. He's very welcoming to Joe and even aids him due to the invaders entering his domain. He even seems to have control, or at least some, over the Lono'e, given his palace is filled with them, even having them as willing and eager sexual partners (unlike those the player has had to fight through).


A secret lion-like character with an Aztec design. When found he mentions that the elders won't be pleased he was found, but offers “an exchange” for Joe to keep quiet.

The Bad Guys


Daku are one of the first enemies encountered in the game. Looking like a cross between a bat and mouse, these little perverts sport all black clothing which include: leg warmers, arm warmers, a speedo and a scarf with a small green ball in the middle. They carry a dildo-like weapon which they will attempt to hit the player with.

While easy to defeat, they can prove annoying as they have a leap-grapple. Thankfully, they can be punched prior to or during their leap if timed correctly.


Tall reptile creatures, the Amaru are the second enemy your encounter. They only wear a loincloth and hold a large dildo-like weapon, which they swing like a sword.

While tougher than the Daku and with a longer swing range, they have a short ranged grapple and are far fewer in numbers to prove problematic.


Tan skinned amphibious looking creatures, the Lono'e are the third enemy you'll encounter. They were a simple grass skirt, leaving their genitals somewhat exposed. Their primary method of attack is a stomp, which can be spotted is telegraphed briefly by their attack animation.

While they lack the range of previous enemies, they have bigger health pools and often attack with grapples (which are nearly impossible to spot before it's too late). Plus, they appear commonly as you enter the jungle, so fighting crowds of them is ill-advised.


Huge frog creatures. They wear a fundoshi and are the fourth enemy encountered. They can technically be classified as mini or sub-bosses due to the effort it requires to defeat them. While they lack any real melee attacks, they make up for it with a ranged spit attack and a wide grapple (which causes damage if you managed to just get to the edge of its range). They also can't be stun-locked by attacks, making fighting them incredibly dangerous as their health is the largest of the first stage enemies.

They are, thankfully, very uncommon enemies and are still prone to lust attacks, so evasion or seduction is the best tactics against them.


Muscular crocodiles, the Gatis are the fifth enemy encountered. Wearing only a loincloth, they can prove to be dangerous enemies if not dealt with immediately. With a good range on both their melee and grapple, they can prove to be tricky, but their biggest danger is their lust attack. Much like Joe, all Gatis can perform a lust attack which will increase lust by an entire 20%, meaning only five attacks can leave you open to a heavy lust grapple.

However, while this move is instant, the Gatis will pause briefly when you get out of melee range to perform it and the range it effects is visible on screen, allowing players to avoid it with little effort.

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