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-======Welcome to the official Oh So Hero! Wiki======+====== Welcome to the official Oh So Hero! Wiki ======
-//[[Oh_So_Hero|Oh So Hero!]]// is a 2.5D Adult Metroidvania PC video game in development.+{{ wiki:redemption3445_oh_so_hero_2018-02-27_gfx_ff-f_patreon_banner.jpg?nolink&600 |}}
-This Wiki will feature articles about the lore, characters, the game itself, and the events of "Oh So Hero!". Since the game is still under work in progress, the information on the pages might be changed frequently.+💎 **//Oh So Hero!//** is the upcoming furry sextroidvania game from Full Frontal Frog.
-**Please check our [[FAQ]] for answers to your most frequently asked questions!**+🔞 **This wiki contains adult content. Proceed only if you are of legal age (typically 18+).**
-**__PLEASE NOTE: THIS WIKI IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!__**+**__[[FAQ|🐸 Please start by reading our FAQ for important info, and answers to frequently asked questions!]]__**
-  * [[characters|Characters]] +🎮 [[|Download the free demo]]! | Support the game via [[|Patreon]] or [[|Ko-fi]]! 
-  * [[locations|Locations]] + 
-  * [[gameplay|Gameplay]] +✏️ [[edit|Become a wiki editor!]] 
-  * [[lore|Lore]] + 
-  * [[tag:items|Items]]+This Wiki features articles about the lore, characters, gameplay, and events of //Oh So Hero!// Since the game is still a work-in-progress, the information on these pages will change frequently. 
 +  * [[Characters]] 
 +  * [[Locations]] 
 +  * [[Gameplay]] 
 +  * [[Lore]] 
 +  * [[Items]] 
 +  * [[Controls]] 
 +  * [[Gallery]]
   * [[Troubleshooting]]   * [[Troubleshooting]]
   * [[Changelog]]   * [[Changelog]]
-====== Links ====== +//NOTE: This page is protectedPlease [[contact]] staff if changes are needed.//
- +
-[[|Download the free demo]] | Support the game via [[|Patreon]] or [[|Ko-Fi]]!+
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