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The various exotic locations (a.k.a. zones) found in the game, “Oh So Hero!”.

Disclaimer: The information described here are provided by gamers and not a member of the development team, so certain information may be missing or incorrect.

Sheo Islands Beach

The starting zone of the game. The map is mostly made from various beaches and bridges connecting those beaches. In the background is a collection of cliffs, some with waterfalls, and various deck chairs, flags, billboards and hot dog stands filling the in-between. There's also the occasional volleyball net and blue starfish can be seen littering the floor occasionally. Palm trees cover most of the land.

On the far left is Ali's Surf Shack, and the far right is the entrance to Treewish Forest and Lood City. Somewhere in the middle is an alien ship and a collection of alien constructs, such as floating platforms. The map is where you're first introduced to the Daku and Amaru, offering the player a chance to polish their skills before continuing. Jack can be found by Lood City's entrance. There's also an interactive beach ball at the start of the level, which has no use beyond being a physics item.

Treewish Forest

A brightly lit but complex forest is a wide open map with a series of powered elevators that need to be activated through glory hole machines to continue. The background is mostly thick treeline, only changing when inside the ruins or when at the entrance to the Southeast Beach.

The map is comprised of hand-built platforms, huts and ancient ruins, with certain blocks of the ruins being breakable once the “Ass Masters: Limited Edition” item is obtained. It also contains several Lono'es, who likely live there judging on the huts, a single Amaru (in the first area) and three Goliaths. The ruins contain a lot of tight spaces, making combat a little more dangerous, and spring jumping onto platforms often leave the player blind to potential enemies above (or below for that matter). There are several machines around the level that need to be interacted with to progress, and will remain active for the remainder of the game (though the animation can still be repeated). Below the ruins lie incredibly thick tree roots, which the player can run across freely.

Southeast Beach

The opposite shore of the beach the game begins on, there's a cluster of cargo ships docked between the entrance and a string of life savers bridging the gap between them all. There's a light house and certain storage buildings in the background, and a container crate hangs above the right side of the map (the crane's head being the only section you can stand on if spring jumped up to it just right). This head moves and, with a trail of floating coins each side, the player is encouraged to try time their jump onto the crane to by-pass the area below. The ocean can be seen in the background along with a few sailing boats and buoys.

Ket can be found at the far left, with a small patch of flowers and grass, nearby the entrance, while Cas' House is found on the far right of the map, with a tricky incline and a jump between two bundles of logs, which may not seem obvious at first glance but can be stood on upon jumping through. The map is filled with Daku and a few Amaru, which will either need to be fought or avoided by using the abundance of spring pads nearby.

Cas' House

Located at the far end of the Southeast Beach, Cas' House is a basic one story log cabin. It's only one room large but the player needs to come here to learn the Butt Stomp ability. There also seems to be a lot of electrical equipment by Cas, possibly to help the ships found around the beach to dock successfully. There's also a fridge with a box of dildos on top, three lockers, a desk with donuts and an erotic manga on, a corner sofa, and a bunch of boxes which say “Amazing Dong” on it, clearly a parody of Amazon. There's also a ceiling fan, however it's covered in ivy yet still operational oddly enough.

The room is filled with dakimakura pillows of an exposed lizard male in leather, posters, and a lot of pornographic manga scattered about or left on display. A Medkit can be seen on the back wall and a white board, which says “On lunch break, brb 20 mins!! <3” with drawing of Cas on it, is by the door. Cas is on the far left with K.Ren on the far right.

Brask's Jungle

Beyond the Treewish Forest lies the Jungle, which is partially made from ruins but mostly made up of large roots and a river that stretches the length of the map below. A collection of crystals, strange plants, and crystal-like flowers dot across the foreground, with the background itself being a incredibly dense jungle brush.

Various glowing arrows, said to be water jets, are used to hover to certain locations of the map outside of jumping range and can be exited mid-transport by using the Butt Slam ability. This level contains two Goliaths, several Lono'es, and two Amarus. The player needs to activate three large gemstones to open the barrier at the far right of the map, allowing them access to Brask's Palace and the Forbidden Bayou.

Brask's Palace

Inside of Brask's Jungle is, of course, Brask's Palace. The map is a single long corridor shape. The design is all ruins with various open springs. While the map contains Lono'e, the most in the game in fact, they're all completely harmless and purely for background decoration. Braziers burn in the distance, with overly sized roots and selective plant life scattered through the solid stone.

Brask can be found by an open pool and two thrones, and offers the player a little more plot and some Lono'e aided “relief” should they press S near him after the discussion. There's a secret hidden within this map, however it's easy enough to find so the location of it won't be divulged here.

Forbidden Bayou

The Forbidden Bayou is a swamp area and the first area that introduces water as a hazard. The background contains a lot of dead trees and swamp water, with a few huts and skull effigies. The foreground is just dock, with lily pads occasionally acting as a brief break from the wooden floor, some of which haves holes or gaps on them, and a large lily pad roughly in the middle.

This area is home to Bloweys, O'Deeres, and Gatises. The latter two are a danger to players with high Lust due to their ranged Lust-raising attacks, the former is a risk for players who stand around too long on the edge of the water or on the broken docks.

As of Version 0.14.104, falling into water no longer pings the player back to land but offers a unique splash animation before returning players to where they fell.

Bayou Cabin

A small cabin found in the Bayou, the entrance of which is located beside the exit to Smol Beach. The cabin is more of a shack and is quite rundown, with the every side of the cabin (walls, floors, ceiling etc) being in disrepair. However, it still acts as an acceptable shelter for Dan and Griff, who seem to have stopped there during their exploration. Cobwebs or some kind of vegetation covers several parts of both floors. The bottom floor contains a lantern which likely belongs to the two explorers, two large backpacks huddled in the corner, a single bedroll on the floor and a spring pad to the upper room. Dan stands in the center of it all with the exit to the left. Two windows are built into the back wall, exposing the various tribal items found in the Bayou itself. The floor boards have gaps spread in them and look very unstable.

On the top floor, Griff stands on the far left, books left scattered on the floor or piled up in a chaotic fashion, and a lantern hanging above (likely to give Griff light to read). There is a single window present, with wooden beams supporting the ceiling above.

It's unclear who built the hut or which of the two use the bedroll.

Smol Beach

Smol Beach is…Well…small. Initially dark as you leave the Bayou area, with a skull decoration seen in the swamp hanging over head, things quickly brighten up again as you enter. The background here is composed of rocky hills, palm trees and the odd totem or two, while the foreground offers a dining area for the Grand Pour Bar and Grill, with four picnic benches surrounding it. A lone rowing boat is also left on the sand.

Three NPCs, those being Lance, Tiburon, and Domino, can be found here.

At the far right is an exit to Lood City, which was last mentioned way back on Sheo Islands Beach.

Lood City

Currently only a place holder, Lood City is nothing more than a white floor, blue sky, and assortment of basic shapes at the time of writing.

It's also contains three Stier and Ray, a Tanuki, at the far end of the map.

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