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Kyomu is a fox who works as a janitor at Octo's Sushi Place in Lood City. Unfortunately, the developers of Oh So Hero! where not able to finish making the Sushi restaurant before his debut in game. He calmly explains that right now the restaurant is just an empty white void with just him residing in it for the time being. All you can do right now is keep him company.

Kyomu is a tall and slender individual wearing a steel blue Happi and a black double-sided loincloth. He appears to be holding and using a mop made with fibers similar to the ones that make up his uniform. Kyomu has white fur with intricate Red-Orange markings and patterns all over his pelt, most notably on his face and tails. Kyomu also has more than one tail. It is hard to tell how many but it would seem he has about 4. Each one is very long and fluffy, almost as big as the rest of his body, and like Joe's tail it is a dipstick tail, with half of it being that same red-orange color as the markings on his face and limbs. His muzzle tapers incredibly to a thin point with 4 long whiskers protruding and drooping from the sides. His eyes are very narrow and he often squints with them or has his eyes closed.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond making a comment about Lood City's development.


  • Kyomu's name when translated from Japanese to English can mean, emptiness, nothingness, non-existence, vacuity, nihility, and oblivion. This can be a reference to how Kyomu currently resides in a placeholder area that is depicted as an empty white void with red and blue balls in the background.
  • The fact that Kyomu has multiple tails causes him to resemble a fox spirit from Asian Mythology, the fact that his name is Japanese would specifically make him a Kitsune but not a Kyubi since he only has 4 tails, and not another type of fox spirit like a Kumiho (Korean Fox Spririt), or a Huli Jing (Chinese Fox Spirit).
  • The markings on Kyomu's face resemble the markings that appear on an Inari Mask, worn in homage to the Shinto Diety: Inari Okami.
  • Kyomu is the second character in the game to exclusively top Joe after Officer Lance.
  • Kyomu is the third NPC in the game to have a non-humanoid penis, that penis appearing to be a canid penis with a knot, after K.Ren and Tiburon and the fourth overall if you include hostiles like Goliath.
  • He is also the second NPC to have a canid penis after K.Ren.
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