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 +[[characters|< Back to all characters]]
 +{{ c:jaer_idle_001_s.png?200}}
 +**Jaer** is a humanoid tourist character located in [[Blitz]]'s store in [[locations#Lood_City|Lood City]].
 +Jaer is an exceptionally tall humanoid with an average build with Danube blue scales and pink countershading. He has East Bay Blue hair styled in the shape of a mullet. A mane of similarly colored fur trails down his back and along his tail. The color of his hair is the same color as his eyes. Jaer also has a tapered snout, pointed ears, a gold ring piercing one of them, a long prehensile tail, and noticeably sharp fingers.
 +Jaer appears to be a tourist, as indicated by his black backpack and polaroid camera secured to his neck. As well as his Onahau blue beach towel. His outfit which, consists of a persimmon tank top and a pair sugar cane white swim trunks with persimmon stripes. Implies that his main goal is to get to the beach. Either [[locations#Smol Beach|Smol Beach]] or [[Locations#Sheo Islands Beach|Sheo Island]].
 +When encountered inside //Super Imports Tech & More!// he will express to Joe how he can't seem to find what he is looking for. At which point he becomes open to sex.
 +While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond it.
 +===== Trivia =====
 +  * Jaer somewhat resembles an [[Amaru]] albeit on with alternative colors and a different height and build. The implications of this are currently unknown.
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