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Gatis is the seventh enemy type encountered and is a muscular crocodile (or is it alligator…?) who wears only a loincloth, which hides his thick humanoid penis. They can prove to be dangerous enemies if not dealt with immediately.

With a good range on both their melee attack (a mid-ranged tail slap) and grapple (a simple chomp), they can prove to be difficult up close, but their biggest danger is their ranged lust attack, which will increase Joe's Lust by 20%, meaning only five of these attacks can leave you open to their 100% Lust-based grapples. The lust attack's range is about the same as Joe's.

The Gatis' lust attack is telegraphed by a crotch grab and a finger crooked into a “come hither” gesture as the reptile licks his lips seductively.

However, while this move is instant, Gatises will pause briefly when you get out of their melee range to perform it and the range it effects is visible on screen (after the update described below anyways), allowing players to avoid it with a bit of effort.

As of Version 0.14.104, the Gatis's Lust attack now has more pronounced visuals.

One Gatis appears in the Game Over screen for the Forbidden Bayou, alongside a O'Deer.


  • Gatis is a masculine Latvian name. Varying sources postulate that the name is derived from the Latvian word for “ready” or “mature”, which may be a reference to Gatis' matured body and endowment. Other sources claim that it means “gate” or “river source”, which may be a reference to Gatis' placement in the Forbidden Bayou that makes him look almost like a gatekeeper.
  • In regards to whether or not Gatis is an alligator or a crocodile, he is most likely the former; not just because of the similar “gat” syllable, but because a crocodile's jaws and teeth are the same size, meaning that they overlap in a perpetual toothy grin even when their mouth is closed. The few times when Gatis' mouth is closed (Joe's dominant sex animations), we see only the top row of fangs is visible. This means that either Gatis is an alligator, or he ripped the teeth out of his lower jaw and wears them around his neck.
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