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The page for describing the main character of Oh So Hero! and the NPCs and enemies that he will encounter throughout his journey.

Disclaimer: The information described here are provided by gamers and not a member of the development team, so certain information may be missing or incorrect.

The Player


Joe is the main protagonist/player character of Oh So Hero!. He's a blue dragon-esque anthro who sports a fox-like tail, apparently likes to walk around in tiptoes, and wears what is described to be in-game as a “hero” costume, which consists of the following: a pair of tight black trunks with a red bikini line, black fingerless gloves, and a simple red superhero-like eye mask.

Not a lot is known about him yet beyond the fact he likes playing the hero, has some talent in combat, and is no stranger to engaging in more…intimate fun with others. He seems to have a happy-go-lucky attitude, but is said to show his serious side when he dons his costume.

Joe can also utilize his natural and lewd charms to win over enemies, making them uncontrollably horny, and later learns how to slide through tight spaces and slam down with his bubble butt in powerful fashion onto enemies and breakable objects below. He can also utilize his Crescent Moon Special when crowded.

Joe appears to have a somewhat elasticated body, able to take abnormally/multiple large insertions and excessive volumes of cum without prior lubrication or stretching. Though this is just purely to help bypass any annoying aspects of realism that might ruin the more explicit content of the game.

The Spectators


Ket is a Tortavi (a turtle/avian hybrid) who is a lifeguard and a personal friend of Joe who is only ever seen wearing a pair of blue swimming trunks.

He's seen in the first zone sitting around in his chair and casually swinging his feet all throughout, but can later be seen standing around and munching on an orange ice pop. He seems to enjoy exposing himself, never once seen in his shell and has a bit of a foot fetish, but is a polite and happy guy overall.

He acts as the basic tutorial guide at the start of the game, but can later be met and talked to at Southeast Beach due to Sheo Islands Beach having become overrun by aliens.


Cas is a beaver and is apparently a friend of Ket's. His outfit is an open orange puffy vest and a pair of denim hot pants (which appear to sport a good bulge), with extra thick round glasses over his eyes.

He lives on the other side of the Southeast Beach in a log cabin, which is full of dakimakura–or body pillows–of Isadora, who himself seems to be a slim-looking lizard with a huge cock. He's most likely an otaku, given that he is quick to fluster, has a range of posters and aforementioned body pillows, and has a cliché nerdy look to him.

He helps out Joe by lending him his “Ass Masters” book, enabling him to slam downwards with his bare-naked rump.


K.Ren is a small chihuahua who seems to be friends with Cas and wears a typical schoolgirl uniform, making him appear to be a cross-dresser. During his sex scene, he sports a red canine penis, effectively making him one of the first characters with a non-humanoid penis.

He apparently works at the “weeby imports electronic store” in Lood City. Whether that is the name of the store or just Ren describing its nature is currently unclear.

He's likely a bit of a pervert, immediately suggesting he and Joe have some fun. Ironically, as mentioned during his conversation with Joe, he's frustrated that the raunchy aliens seem to have no interest in the guy (this could be a tongue-in-cheek joke about how only Joe can be grappled and NPCs just stand there, immune to enemy characters). Despite dressing like an anime schoolgirl, however, Ren is likely just a guy who likes to blow off steam this way, given that he mentions working at an office. The fact that it is an anime schoolgirl uniform may imply that wearing clothes like that are a part of his job.

Whether this character has any purpose outside of a sex scene is unknown.

The K in his name is never actually explained… It might mean Kinky Ren, who knows.


Jack is a ring-tailed lemur who stands by Lood City's entrance to inform Joe (and most likely anyone else that walks by) about the blocked passage. His outfit is a simple pair of black coveralls.

He expresses his wish to just take a break as he's working to fix the blockage problem.

Whether this character has any purpose outside of a sex scene is unknown.


Brask is a black salamander and rules over a small section of Treewish Forest, that being his Jungle. He wears a leafy cloak and thin black loincloth. He also carries a wooden staff.

He's very welcoming to Joe and even aids him due to the invaders entering his domain. He even seems to have control, or at least some of it, over the Lono'e, given his palace is filled with them and even has a pair of them as willing and eager sex partners (unlike those the player has to fight through).


A secret feline character wearing an Aztec attire. Leon has golden fur with a few black markings scattered across his body. He wears a spiky feathery headdress with a green gemstone on the front, what seems to be a red thong, and a large red scarf around his neck that drapes down his back like a cape. He appears to be holding a pen or at least something similar. He also has digitigrade feet (a first in the game, though Joe may or may not count since he might just be standing on his tiptoes) and, like many other characters in the game, a simple humanoid penis.

When found, he mentions that the elders won't be pleased he was found but offers an “exchange” for Joe to keep quiet.

Given his appearance, secret nature, and the object he's holding, Leon could possibly be a developer Easter Egg.


A black, chubby warthog found in the Bayou Cabin, specifically on the lower floor. While most of his body is black fur, his snout is a perfect circle of pink and his ivory tusks protrude further out of his jaw than regular hogs would. His tail slinks off with a puffy tuft of black fur at the tip and his hair flops over his brow, obscuring one of his eyes. He also seems to have dimples or freckles on his cheeks. He flicks his tail when happy, as seen during the climax of his sex scene.

His outfit is somewhat similar to a boy scout's, with a beige pair of shorts and beige shirt, however neither fit properly due to his belly. Green patches can be seen on both shoulders of the shirt and looks like a square 8. A red scarf covers his neck, tied up behind his head, and a bag hangs from his hip with the strap crossing over his body and hooking onto his left shoulder.

He's part of Griff's expedition and acts as their carthorse, carrying all of their items. Dan appears to have a timid nature, and seems to be afraid of upsetting Griff, as seen when he begs Joe not to tell him of his frustrations of having to carry everything. According to Dan, Griff is looking for a hidden tomb nearby.

Beyond his sex scene, Dan has yet to serve another purpose. However, his mention of a hidden tomb may or may not suggest a secret, but it might also refer to Brask's Palace.


A blue jay explorer found in the upper floor of Bayou Cabin. His body is a mixture of blue, black, and white feathers, layered randomly across his body, but his black feathers are featured more dominantly on his head and tail in the form of patterns. His feet are grey talons, matching the grey on his beak, and his arms get wider as they lead toward his hands, giving them an appearance reminiscent of wings. Griff wears a typical explorer outfit, with a beige vest and beige shorts that poof out at the hip in a similar style to pantaloons. A brown belt defines his waistline. He also sports an orange cravat, tucked nicely into his vest, with goggles adorned on his brow. In his hand rests a book, likely one of the many scattered around the room he stands in, suggesting he's either an avid reader or researching something quite heavily.

When talked to, he seems quite impatient and/or arrogant, telling Joe he's busy and that his assistant, Dan, can help him with whatever he needs. However, despite this, Griff still offers to take a break to indulge his urges.

Much like his assistant, Griff doesn't serve much purpose in-game yet. However, Dan's mention of a hidden tomb could suggest something is planned for him.

Officer Lance

A rhino police officer found on Smol Beach, just before Tiburon and Domino. He has grey skin and a large horn with a smaller one behind it, like any rhino would. His eyes are effectively all white, with his iris or pupil only barely visible during his sex scene, like some other characters in the game. His burly form is covered with a typical police officer outfit: a pair of deep blue pants and long sleeved shirt, a black tie adorning his neck, a few badges and pins decorate the shirt, and an utility belt covering his midriff.

When Joe catches him on the beach and speaks to him, he mentions working for the LCPD (Lood City Police Department) but is currently off-duty. He is also seen holding a doughnut, suggesting him to be a cliché of sorts.

Beyond a sex scene, Officer Lance doesn't seem to have another role in-game yet.


A cute, anthropomorphic, pot-bellied bumble bee found on Smol Beach, just between Tiburon and Officer Lance. He has black compound eyes, a pair of antennae, insectile wings, growing from his back, and a black stinger coming out of his behind. His attire consists of black flip-flops, a pair of simple orange swim trunks, an undersized cyan tank top, and a pair of red headphones worn around his neck. He appears to be holding a smartphone. He has yellow skin with black stripes around his wrists, abdomen, antennae, and stinger.

When Joe converses with him on the beach, Lemiel compliments Joe's Hero Getup.

Beyond a sex scene, Lemiel doesn't seem to have another role in-game yet.


An anthropomorphic shark found at Smol Beach, Tiburon only sports a pendant and tight black speedo. His grey-blue skin is patterned with a few small markings, all stripes, and hides two pink hemipenises beneath what little he wears.

He stresses out his frustrations over the road between Smol Beach and Sheo Islands Beach being blocked by a van (likely the same one blocking the path to Lood City) as he wants to go to Ali's Surf Shack to pick up supplies.

Whether this character has any purpose outside of a sex scene is unknown.


A burly orca found in Smol Beach, just a little past Tiburon. He has your average black and white appearance for a killer whale, with a pair of purple swimming trunks hiding his well-endowed assets. Unlike the frustrated Tiburon, Domino is quite happy to spend some time away from Lood City and just take in the cool ocean breeze.

Whether this character has any purpose outside of a sex scene is unknown.


Korko is a goblin found on Smol Beach, behind the bar at the Grand Pour Bar & Grill. He has light green skin with four darker dashes across the cheeks, two each side, which are most likely face paint. His large ears have a similar shape to butterfly wings and are both pierced with a single gold ring in the divot. He wears only a black robe, the upper half of which is reminiscent of a button-up shirt complete with a pop-up collar while the lower half looks more like an ankle long skirt.

As of update 0.14.900, Korko now has a fully functioning bar and can offer Joe useful drinks in exchange for Zenni. Korko can also be interacted with for sex if “The Bartender” is selected from the choice menu, being more than willing to please his customers.


Lago is a rabbit found at the left end of Lood City. He'll briefly make a fourth wall breaking comment about how “these people” (Full Frontal Frog) never finish their damn construction work (referring to Lood City's Incomplete backgrounds and puzzles). He will then propose passing the time waiting with sex.

He garbs himself with a simple white tank top with dark cyan stripes on the shoulders, a pair of stylish, dark cyan cut-out shorts, and matching ankle wraps. He has light orange fur on most of his body with light yellow highlights on his belly, muzzle, and toes. He has sky blue eyes, and his hair is styled in two colors: light cyan and neon yellow. He has an average build with long ears and feet.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond making a comment about Lood City's development.


Ray is a tanuki found at the far end of Lood City. He'll briefly make a fourth wall breaking comment about how long it's taking to put “this place” (Lood City) together and that it'll hopefully be done soon.

He sports a fairly simple tanuki look with light brown fur, his belly having a tan color to it, black patches found around his eyes and as rings on his tail, his snout colored in pure white, and sporting comically thick eyebrows. His outfit consists solely of a Japanese construction helmet, yellow finger-less gloves, and navy overalls that are left hanging from his waist, where an obscene bulge can be seen due to tanukis generally having huge testicles. The overalls themselves have golden metal clasps and buttons on them. He seems to be chewing, or at least holding, a leaf in his mouth.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond making a comment about Lood City's development.

The Contestants


The Daku is one of the first enemy types encountered in the game. Having a baseless species origin outside of being aliens, these little perverts sport all black clothing which include: leg warmers, arm warmers, a thong hiding their humanoid genitals, and some form of neck-wear with a small green ball on the front. They carry around what appear to be sex toys which they will attempt to hit the player with.

While easy to defeat, they can prove annoying as they have a leaping grapple. Thankfully, they can be punched prior to or during their leap if timed correctly. Their leap, if it misses, also leaves them exposed for a second when they land, though they can still grapple Joe regardless if he simply runs up to them during their landing frames.

As of version 14.500, Dakus have a lust attack. They attack by suddenly growing an erection and making a lewd expression on their face while a pink heart manifests high into the air directly in front of them, dealing a fair amount of lust damage to Joe if he's in midair, slightly above them on an elevated platform, or directly in front of them at a close enough distance. The attack also deals splash damage when the heart hits the ground.

As of version 0.14.600, their splash attack also stuns Joe briefly if it connects. Also as of this update, Dakus are the only enemies that can walk off ledges and platforms to attack Joe, though this is only possible by using their grapple. However, they cannot be knocked off of platforms by Joe's physical attacks like in previous builds.

The Daku appear in the Game Over screens for Sheo Islands Beach and Southeast Beach, as well as the default and old Game Over screens.


Amaru is a tall, lizard-like alien and the second enemy type you will encounter. They only wear a loincloth, with only their nuts being visible, and hold a large sex toy weapon, which they swing like a sword. They're the first enemies with retractable cocks, or at least presumably retractable like most other enemies in the game, which are still humanoid in shape and are long to the point of counting as light hyper.

While tougher than the Daku and with a longer swing range, they have a shorter ranged grapple and are far fewer in numbers to prove problematic.

The Amaru appear in the Game Over screen for Southeast Beach alongside a single Daku.


A brown, dinosaur-esque creature, Lono'e is the third enemy type you'll encounter. They wear a simple grass skirt, leaving their testicles somewhat exposed (yet not their humanoid cocks unless they're pulled aside). Their primary method of attack is a stomp, which can be spotted as it's telegraphed briefly by their attack animation.

While they lack the range of previous enemies, they have bigger health pools and perform grapples more often (which are nearly impossible to spot before it's too late). Plus, they appear commonly as you enter the Treewish Forest and Brask's Jungle, so fighting crowds of them is ill-advised.

As of Version 14.500, the Lono'e have a weak lust attack in the form of shaking their asses in front of Joe. Like their other moves, Lono'e will only be able to use it at extremely close range. It comes out very fast, and is generally difficult to avoid, but it can only be fired in one direction.

As of version 14.600, the Lono'e lust attack has received a slight buff: a slightly longer range and multiple hit boxes that last a little after the actual animation ends, plus a minor lust damage increase. It is still fairly weak though.

Multiple Lono'e appear in the Game Over screen for Treewish Forest.


Goliath is a gigantic frog creature who wears a fundoshi and is the fourth enemy type encountered. Out of all the generic enemies in the game, they so far take the most effort to defeat. They are also the only enemies so far with a non-humanoid penis.

While they lack any real melee attack, they make up for it with a ranged one and a wide grapple (which causes damage if you managed to just get to the edge of its range). They also can't be stun-locked by attacks, making fighting them outside of using seduction incredibly tricky as their health is the largest of the normal enemies by far.

They are, fortunately, very uncommon enemies and are still prone to said seduction, so that or evasion (which can be easily achieved by sliding past them) are the best tactics against them.

As of Version 0.14.104, the Goliaths' fireballs now launch higher and can be slid under.

As of Version 0.14.600, their grapple is a fair bit slower than before, making them easier to handle with the hit-and-run tactic.

A sole Goliath appears in the Game Over screen for Brask's Jungle.


Blowey is a tiny orange fish, which inflates much like a pufferfish, and the fifth enemy you you will encounter. Though they are the least of your worries (unless a future update makes them deadlier somehow) and currently only appear in the Forbidden Bayou, most likely since it has water hazards.

They are the sole enemies thus far to have a singular sex grapple (which happen to be the reason for their namesake). They're not even the biggest threat, as you'll take damage from the water they swim in more often than their actual attack.

When you leap over them, or stand too close to the water's edge, a small warning sign will pop up. If you're in this spot when they leap, you'll be grappled. They can't be punched or seduced, but are pretty easy to avoid with basic platforming jumps.

As of Version 0.14.104, Bloweys are slightly more dangerous as they can now leap through old and broken platforms found in the Forbidden Bayou.


The sixth enemy type you'll face, O'Deere is a lithe deer-like creature found in the Forbidden Bayou. They have yellow fur with white countershading on their bellies and hands, adorn white tribal masks (likely made of bone) on their faces, and have incredibly large genitals (in fact their retractable human-like cocks appear to be longer than the next enemy's). Their lower-wear seem to be ineffective in covering their huge balls while their masks adorn their faces while their red sash, which they wear around their waist, don't seem to have a reason being there.

While they don't look intimidating, they should not be underestimated; they are fairly powerful shamans, employing ranged attacks as their go-to. Swapping between an ankle-high straight ball which deals damage or a wave patterned heart which raises Joe's Lust, both of which have different sounds and animations (you can jump over both easily however, though the latter might be a bit trickier to do; its better to simply run and position yourself in their safe spots). They can fire these off rapidly, meaning they can be dangerous at range.

The linear magical attack is telegraphed by a forward swiping motion while the curving lust attack is telegraphed by a back-handed gesture, resembling the act of “blowing a kiss”.

But don't let that fool you thinking them as just snipers for they have a powerful melee blast, which will knock the player back. Their grapple is hard to predict but, if done correctly, will result in them stumbling (which no other enemy outside of the Daku does for their own grapples). However, it's far safer to just beat them up or seduce them.

O'Deere have a weakness where they will not attack Joe as he approaches from behind until he is close enough for their melee attack.

As of Version 0.14.104, all of their attacks have a revamped appearance, making them easier to see and avoid (including their Lust attack, which is now a large ball of pink color instead of a tiny heart).

An O'Deere appears in the Game Over screen for the Forbidden Bayou alongside a Gatis.


Gatis is the seventh enemy type encountered and is a muscular crocodile (or is it alligator…?) who wears only a loincloth. They can prove to be dangerous enemies if not dealt with immediately.

With a good range on both their melee attack (a mid-ranged tail slap) and grapple (a simple chomp), they can prove to be difficult up close, but their biggest danger is their ranged lust attack, which will increase Joe's Lust by 20%, meaning only five of these attacks can leave you open to their 100% Lust-based grapples. The lust attack's range is about the same as Joe's.

The Gatis' lust attack is telegraphed by a crotch grab and a finger crooked into a “come hither” gesture as the reptile licks his lips seductively.

However, while this move is instant, Gatises will pause briefly when you get out of their melee range to perform it and the range it effects is visible on screen (after the update described below anyways), allowing players to avoid it with a bit of effort.

As of Version 0.14.104, the Gatis's Lust attack now has more pronounced visuals.

One Gatis appears in the Game Over screen for the Forbidden Bayou, alongside a O'Deer.


The eighth enemy type you'll deal with, Stier is a large bull humanoid (though in Greek mythology terms, they are referred to as Minotaur) with expansive horns on their head, incredibly long arms which seem to almost drag along the floor when they move, a small, simple tail with a fuzzy tip, and fur tuft that can be found on various segments of their body. Their body is a mix of black and a dark blue, giving them an intimidating feel, but their clothes contrast this greatly, being bright orange and pure white. They wear a tiny tank top that barely fits their body and appears to have a H on the front, sweat bands, and tight shorts. They wear dark shades on their faces, with only their red eyes visible. The fur on their head, while long and flowing at the back and neck, comes together as a mohawk-esque design across the scalp. Finally, they have a golden ring through their nose.

Stier will prove to be tricky enemies for the player. While they can be quickly rushed, combo-ed, and then fucked into defeat, they have an incredibly powerful punch combo that can take whole segments of your health bar off and has multiple hit boxes. They have the second highest amount of health after the Goliath and the highest amount of resistance to Joe's sexy poses. They have a small leap attack for a grapple which can prove a little difficult to avoid, and have an area of effect lust attack that affects a small radius around them (as oppose to other enemies thus far, who could only perform lust attacks in a single direction). Their 100% Lust-based grapple is extremely powerful; due to how long the animation is, the grapple winds up draining almost half of Joe's base HP.

The Stier's lust attack is telegraphed by the Stier pulling up his shirt while pulling his shorts low enough to show off his genitals while posing dramatically with one of his biceps flexed.

The Stier will most likely appear in the Game Over screen for Lood City.


Kama is a character who has yet to appear in the game. According to Brask, his spies have reported that the Daku and Amaru apparently answer to someone by the name of Kama, although he suspects the chain of command may go even higher than that.

Longtime followers of Red-Emption may know that Red is the character designer for the Daku and Amaru, and that he designed them years before Oh So Hero!'s development began. One theory suggests that Kama is one of the two leader characters that were designed and posted on his old Tumblr.

Though design and personality is obviously subject to change.

Affiliation Unknown


Tunist is the spokesperson for the aliens and the host of the Gerrabacco tournament. He is an alien that heavily resembles a grey bunny rabbit. He has grey fur with dark spots on the side of his face and patches on the ends of his long floppy lop ears. His hair is styled in a black mohawk with a single orange horn on his head in front of the mohawk. His body shape is round and oblong with wide hips, narrow shoulders, and thin legs. He wears a dark purple, sleeveless pinstripe vest and pants, with a bright red bow-tie to compliment it.

Tunist only appears so far in the opening cutscene of Oh So Hero!, explaining why the aliens are invading and the stipulations of the tournament. His personality has been shown to be helpful, theatrical, and perverted.

However, it is unknown if he is also honest when he states that the Gerrabacco tourney is supposed to be all fun and games, or if he and the other aliens are actually there for potentially more malicious intentions and the Tournament is a just ruse or cover-up.


Isadora can be seen adorning billboards, banners, dakis, crates, and anything else he can get his image on. He is an icon whose introduction comes later in the game. His appearance is similar to that of a golden salamander with smooth black sleeves and stockings, while his one other notable trait is sporting a huge, human-like cock.


Francis is the mascot of Full Frontal Frog, the studio behind Oh So Hero! While not officially part of the game (or not yet at least), he makes an appearance at the end of the public demos, Pre Edition and Pre Edition II, to get players to support development.


Kaylee is a character planned to appear later in the game. Presumably Lood City. She is a female feline detective and Joe's close childhood friend. She is planned to give hints and clues to help Joe on his journey and move the games plot along.

She is depicted as a yellow cat with a white belly and a long tail. She wears a black crop top, exposing her midriff, and a brown jacket with a police badge on her breast. She wears dark teal, unbuttoned pants, showing black panties.


  • There are actually unused NPCs that didn't, and may possibly never, make it to full release. These include two characters looking to be in fear, as well as a pug and a tortavi (similar to Ket) who are being molested by a group of Daku and a singular one, respectively. Given the Pug has a different sprite that looks to be an idle one, it's assumed that they were supposed to be victims Joe could save from the invaders. As of Pre Edition II, the Pug character appears in the opening cutscene.
  • The Lono'e may be named after Lono, the Hawaiian god of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace. This would explain why the Lono'e wear grass skirts (stereotypically associated with traditional Hawaiian fashion), along with other details about their design and behavior, especially in Brask's Palace.
  • The Goliath is named after the Goliath frog, the largest species of frogs in the world.
  • Gatis is a masculine Latvian name. Varying sources postulate that the name is derived from the Latvian word for “ready” or “mature”, which may be a reference to Gatis' matured body and endowment. Other sources claim that it means “gate” or “river source”, which may be a reference to Gatis' placement in the Forbidden Bayou that makes him look almost like a gatekeeper.
  • In regards to whether or not Gatis is an alligator or a crocodile, he is most likely the former; not just because of the similar “gat” syllable, but because a crocodile's jaws and teeth are the same size, meaning that they overlap in a perpetual toothy grin even when their mouth is closed. The few times when Gatis' mouth is closed (Joe's dominant sex animations), we see only the top row of fangs is visible. This means that either Gatis is an alligator, or he ripped the teeth out of his lower jaw and wears them around his neck.
  • A Blowey is actually slang for blowjob, which is the fish's only attack.
  • Bloweys also resemble the Cheep Cheep enemy from the Super Mario series.
  • The name O'Deere is an obvious turn on the phrase, “oh dear”. Coincidentally, the lust attack of the O'Deere has a hand to lip animation, which is commonly paired with the phrase.
  • Officer Lance's rounded figure and the fact he's holding a doughnut is a reference to the stereotypical American police officers.
  • Tiburon name is based on the masculine version of the Spanish word for shark.
  • Lemiel is so far the only character in the game to actually wear protective footwear in the form of a pair of sandals. Every other character is either barefoot or wear some kind of thin fabric, partial foot covering lick wraps or socks.
  • Domino's name can be a referenced to the tile-based game, Dominoes. This may be due to most standard domino tile sets either being white with black dots or black with white dots, like his skin.
  • Stier translates into four different languages, with three meanings in total, all relating to the creature's bovine appearance. It means “male cattle” in Alemannic German, refers to the star sign “Taurus” (the bull) in Dutch, and literally just means “bull” in regular German and Hunsrik.
  • Lago is named after the taxonomic order Lagomorph which contains the family: Leporids, which encompasses all Rabbits and Hares.
  • The fact that Lago is positioned outside of a building with Treadmills may be a visual pun on the slang term: Gym Bunny.
  • Ray's appearance is loosely based on the traditional statue of the tanuki, aka the raccoon dog. While what they are believed to be (good luck or devious tricksters) vary, their statues are commonly designed with notably oversized testicles and a leaf; the leaf said to be the source of their power and their testicles either being how they transform or a sign of good fortune, depending on one's point of view. However, he lacks the traditional hat and gourd.
  • Kaylee is currently the only female character in the game. She is also the first female character to be in the game.
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