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Oh So Hero! v0.16.400

New features:

  • New NPCs: Octo & Liath!
    • Octo can be found in a shop in Lood City (w/ Kyomu).
      • The shop interior should be complete later this month.
    • Liath can be found on the far right side of the Forbidden Bayou.
      • This area has been expanded slightly.

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Ket is back to sitting properly in his lifeguard chairs at Sheo Islands Beach.
  • Improved sound effects for Ket & Joe's second climax (Southeast Beach sex anim).
  • Any rhythm meter success will now finish the current loop for a seamless transition.
  • The gameplay camera's X position will not lock unnecessarily (Southeast Beach fix).
  • Added frame/sequence control info to the Gallery's animation UI.
  • Made several changes behind the scenes to prepare for upcoming features.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Oh So Hero! v0.16.300

New features:

  • New NPCs: Blitz & Kyomu!
    • You can find them in a couple new shops in Lood City.
    • NOTE: The shop environments are not yet complete.
  • New mechanic for sex interactions: Rhythm Meter!
    • As previously discussed, this will undergo further changes over time, but let us know your thoughts on the work so far.

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Fix refilling of HP and SP when Signal is swooned.
  • All climaxes will automatically hold the last frame of the animation for a consistent amount of time (0.5 seconds).
  • Fix camera's X position when the room's width fits within the camera. This will prevent jittering between each side (e.g. Bayou Cabin with 16:9 aspect ratio).
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Oh So Hero! v0.16.200 (performance fix)

There are no new animations this build. This is primarily a performance and bugfix build. We intend to return later this month with new content.

New features:

  • High Quality Animations!
  • Signal's attacks are now complete and his AI has been updated.
  • Allow advance/reverse frame/sequence in gallery (beta feature):
    • Use left/right while playing to change sequence.
    • Use left/right while paused to go frame-by-frame.
    • UI still needs to be updated with these controls.

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • In-progress experimental work caused a texture to be created every time an animation played in v0.16.100, resulting in a memory leak. This is now fixed.
  • Dialogue sound effects that were missing in Linux v0.16.110 have been restored.
  • Fix Goliath Swooned (solo fap) animation.
    • It has been missing 7 frames of the cum/climax sequence this entire time.
  • The power struggle meter (mash button to break out) now displays the correct button.
  • Fix gallery animation playback speeds.
  • Remove flash effect from gallery animations.
  • Fix cases where the cum audio is not being played when using the gallery's “Loop Sequence” mode.
  • Update Ket & Joe cum 2 anim sequence to include internal cumming.
  • Prevent getting stuck in the bottom-left area of Brask's Jungle.
  • Increase fap loop count for swooned Dakus.
  • Move Epilepsy Guard to Gameplay Category.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Known issues:

  • (This section details problems we are aware of that will be fixed at a later time.)
  • A bug in FMOD (audio middleware) has prevented us from building the Mac version with IL2CPP, resulting in degraded performance on this platform. A fix is pending FMOD's new release.
  • The Loading Screen animation does not have a High Quality version.
  • Playing the game with High Quality animations set to “Always” results in gameplay hiccups when certain enemy animations load in.
  • Some of Signal's animations are missing sound effects or using placeholder effects.

Oh So Hero! v0.16.100

New features:

  • New Enemy: Signal! This monkey enemy can be found in Lood City. We have a new temporary area there where you will encounter him.
    • NOTE: Some of his AI and attacks are incomplete. Also, certain sound effects are placeholders. We plan to resolve these issues in the next build.
  • New NPC Animation: Ket, Part 2! Visit Ket in Southeast Beach.
    • NOTE: If you already have Part 1 unlocked in the Gallery, this will continue off of that.
  • New Game Over Animation: Lood City (Stier x Joe)!
  • Gallery Mode Updates including new controls for looping and climax trigger.
    • For more info about the controls available in Gallery mode, please see the wiki page.
    • NOTE: The music update is not yet ready. It will be arriving in a future update.

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Joe's slide attack ability should no longer clip through most walls (e.g. Brask's Jungle).
  • PlayStation button graphics are now displayed when using a PS controller.
  • Post-sex stat changes broke in a past update, but they have now been fixed:
    • Blowey is defeated after sex (will flicker and disappear).
    • Joe loses HP and LP if an enemy grabs him <100% lust and has sex to completion.
  • Forbidden Bayou music has improved frequency balance, which should make it easier to hear on a wider variety of speakers.
  • FMOD files have been moved to a better location, which may slim down the build size.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Linux Update (v0.16.110):

We thought this would take more time, but it seems we got the Linux build working again. To play on Linux, extract the zip file then double-click (or run) OhSoHero.x86_64. This version is 0.16.110, but it has no major differences from 0.16.100. Signal's order in the gallery has changed. Also, the dialogue sound effects are currently missing, but should be fixed in the next build. Let us know if you experience any other issues.

Oh So Hero! v0.16.000

New features:

  • Gallery Mode! Our $5000 goal is finally ready. This will allow you to review the game's sexy animations. Here's a brief overview of how it works:
    • You can access the gallery from the title screen's main menu. When you first load up the gallery, it will be empty. As you play the game, you'll see various animations. Whenever metagame data is saved (see below for details), these animations will become viewable in the gallery! The gallery currently provides simple playback and pause functionality, but we will be expanding upon the controls and features in future updates.
    • NOTE 1: The gallery music is not finalized; we plan to update this in the next build.
    • NOTE 2: The gallery background is not displaying on Mac; this too will be updated.
  • Metagame data. Currently used only for the gallery, this is data that is shared across all gameplay saves. Metagame saving is denoted during gameplay with a purple star in the bottom-left corner of the HUD. This will occur during the following events:
    • Whenever gameplay is saved normally (yellow star).
    • When selecting “Return to Title” or “Quit to Desktop” while the game is paused.
    • When the player is knocked out and then views the Game Over screen.
  • Expanded in-game Options. The Options Screen is now split into categories. Furthermore, new Video Options now replace the pre-game splash dialogue window. The UI will need to be revised at a later time, but it's functional.
    • NOTE: If you change the Select Monitor option, you must immediately quit and restart the game for it to take effect.
  • Epilepsy Guard Option: Defaulted to ON. When on, this will disable certain flashing light graphical effects, such as the pre-climax flash. You can turn the guard off in the Video Options to restore the flashing effects.
  • Improved beachball in Sheo Islands Beach. Play volleyball with a Daku or bounce the ball on your head. Now that's a spicy beachball!

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Updated Unity from 2019.1.1f1 to 2019.4.17f1 and upgraded Fungus (dialogue system).
  • NPC / Teleporter menus should now have properly highlighted selected items (we hope).
  • Lock pause menu input during the PC knocked out message or while leaving gameplay.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

Older Versions

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