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Brask is a black salamander and rules over a small section of Treewish Forest, that being his Jungle. He wears a leafy cloak and thin black loincloth. He also carries a wooden staff.

He's very welcoming to Joe and even aids him due to the invaders entering his domain. He even seems to have control, or at least some of it, over the Lono'e, given his palace is filled with them and even has a pair of them as willing and eager sex partners (unlike those the player has to fight through).


  • Brask is based on a character created by Ket-Ralus named Brask Vovik. Brask Vovik is an alien shapeshifter called a Nerond. He has similar skin, height and build to how Brask appears in the game and was Ket's Lover. It is unknown if the Brask that appears in the game is the same alien disguised as a Salamander or new character paying homage to the original.
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