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Bjorne is an anthropomorphic Polar Bear and white collar worker located in Blitz's store in Lood City.

Bjorne is a tall and overweight, with white fur, a shiny black nose, rosy cheeks, baggy eyes, and a little bit of stubble on his chin (somehow). He wears a pink short sleeved dress shirt, dark brown pants, and a dark blue necktie with equally dark green diagonal stripes, Like most characters in the game, he does not wear shoes.

When speaking to Bjorne, he states that he does not work at the store but rather some kind of office building. However, the office is currently not open. So for the time being he is going to hang out at Super Import Tech & More. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Bjorne's current placement in the store being a placeholder since his proper locations is supposed to be the office. He then becomes open to sex.

While he does have a sex scene, he serves no purpose yet beyond it.


  • Bjorne is the Old Norse word for bear.
  • Bjorne is the fourth NPC to exclusively top Joe after Officer Lance, Octo, and Kyomu. All though he does so as a service top and gets power bottomed by Joe.
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