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Amaru is a tall, lizard-like alien with smoke green scales, vis vis countershading, and orange mane running along the back of his head, down his spine to the base of his tail. They are the second enemy type you will encounter. They only wear a brown loincloth, with only their nuts being visible, and hold a large sex toy weapon, which they swing like a sword. It appears to be made out of the same material as the Daku's dildo knife, implying that they are working together in The Gerrabacco. They're the first enemies with retractable cocks, or at least presumably retractable like most other enemies in the game, which are still humanoid in shape and are long to the point of counting as light hyper.

While tougher than the Daku and with a longer and stronger swing range, they have a shorter ranged grapple and are far fewer in numbers to prove problematic.


  • The Amaru and the Goliath are the only non hazard type enemies that don't have sexy taunts.
  • In older builds, Amaru used to appear in Treewish Forest. There is one errant Amaru who appears at the beginning of Brask's Forest.
  • The Amaru appear in the Game Over screen for Southeast Beach alongside a single Daku.
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